Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Music Review: Adrian von Ziegler

When I first decided to check out goth music, I had NO idea where to start.  (No, I didn't know the name of a single goth band!)  So I pulled up YouTube on my computer at work and typed in "goth music", or maybe it was "gothic music", I don't remember which now.  Either way, I ended up with a song called "Death Dance" by Adrian von Ziegler.  After that, I listened to a piece called "Fatal Lullaby".  By the end of that second song, I had fallen totally in love with his music.

The little information I can find on von Ziegler is that his music went public around 2008, and he does everything on a synthesizer.  I was never a big synthesizer fan, but this is beautiful.  Most of his pieces are written in the classical style, and many sound like there is a full orchestra behind him.  It makes gorgeous background music if you are at work or studying, or even doing The Dreaded Housework.  (Imagine yourself doing laundry to this piece, called "Dark Ritual".  Isn't it awesome???)

His music doesn't appear to be in stores, but you can buy it online at iTunes or directly from the artist at Bandcamp and CDBaby.  There are links on YouTube that direct you to the various options for each song.  However, for those who can't afford it at the moment, he has put a LOT of his work on YouTube so you actually don't need to buy to enjoy. 


  1. Very nice music indeed! If you haven't heard of Dark Sanctuary, Nox Arcana or Midnight Syndicate you might want to check them out as well.

  2. I do like Nox Arcana, yes, but hadn't heard of the other two. More to put on my list, thanks very much!! :-)