Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hair Dilemma

I'm a natural blonde, but for years I colored my hair various shades of red because I felt so faded out.  After a while, that got boring, so I went back to blonde.  I toyed with the idea of going black, but after seeing myself in a black wig, I decided it's too harsh for my skin tone.  However, I'm getting lots of white/silver in my hair now, and I think it might be interesting to go platinum white and see what happens. 

The scary part is that it's been over ten years since I've gotten my hair professionally cut, and almost that long since it's been colored, either professionally or at home.  The problem with going blonde or white is that it strips the color from your hair, and that's scary!  I especially don't want to try this and then discover that it makes me look old.  (I got some blonde-in-a-box the other day, to have on hand just in case I have to make an emergency repair.)  Because it's been so long, I no longer have any idea where to go to have this done, or what brands are best for use at home.  I've looked online at several sites, checked out reviews of various brands of home coloring systems, and am still totally confused.  All I found is that ammonia-free products are best, but you still get stuck with using hydrogen peroxide, which I already knew.

Have any of you gone platinum or white?  If so, any tips on what to use, what to do or not do, etc., would be GREATLY appreciated!


  1. Hello! I have to bleach my hair as white as possible every time I dye my roots. Many years of bleaching have taught me to respect the bleach!
    Be very careful about overlapping the same area too many times, I let my roots grow to at least an inch before each application of bleach to avoid having any area bleached more then 2 or 3 times.

    If you are going to a salon, find a good one. If the stylist books a consultation with you BEFORE an actual appointment, you're on the right track!

    Hope you find the right means and method for your hair! I'm sure you'll look great!

  2. At last, a comment on this!! Thanks for the tips, I will definitely follow them. When I dyed my hair before, I almost always let it grow completely out before redying; I figure I'll be doing the same thing here, unless I love it SO much I don't want it to ever grow back. After all, who wants to look the same ALL the time??? ;-)