Wednesday, March 27, 2013

DIY Weekend

Well, this last weekend turned out to be the perfect time to alter some of my things into... other things.

First, a pair of leggings that I bought at Claire's.  I bought a Medium/Large pair, only to find out when I got them on that apparently these are for medium/large girls (as opposed to women) who have absolutely no hips.  ::SIGH::  Fortunately, I remembered a post from another blog (I think it was from The Professor's old blog, but can't find it to share the link) about converting old tights and leggings into sleeves and arm warmers, so I tried that on these. Success!!  Now I have a super pair of long 'sleeves' to wear under short-sleeved and sleeveless tops for some great new looks!  :-)

Next came a Miami Ink t-shirt that I found in the men's department at Macy's.  I love the design, but it didn't fit me properly across the chest or hips (men are rather flat in both those areas, while I am not).  So I cut off the sleeves and the bottom of the shirt halfway below the design, and voila!  I now have a great-fitting sleeveless crop-top that I can wear with a lot of different things. 

And finally, the rescue of my favorite (and oldest) pair of black Tripp skinny pants.  I wore them to work on Friday, and was horrified when I suddenly saw the RIP.  And I don't mean R.I.P. as in "Rest In Peace", I mean RIP as in "OMG, there's a RIP in my pants"!  Fortunately, it was not in a place anyone could see (I immediately checked on that with a co-worker), so I didn't have to run home and change, but there was no way they could be repaired, as the fabric was splitting from age and wear.  I've had them for years, and I'd already fixed the seams in several places, so I had literally worn them to death.  But then I thought, well, the rip is up high but low enough to make shorts out of them.  So out came my handy pinking shears, and now I have an awesome new pair of black shorts to wear; they look great with fishnets and boots!

Do you have any DIY tips you'd be willing to share?  I'm new at this, and would love to hear them!  :-)


  1. Reworking T-shirts is my best sewing achievement. Sounds like you already have a handle on that trick! But if you're interested, I LOVE the book "Generation T" (the 1st volume) - I have a bunch of T-shirts sitting around waiting for me to rework them using tutorials from that book!

    1. Oh, great, now I have ANOTHER book to put on my wishlist!! This is killing my budget, ya know... ;-)

      Seriously, thanks for the tip! I just bought a reworked t-shirt from someone on Etsy and I LOVE it! But it looked very complicated, and I hate to always be asking someone else to do it, I'm glad there's a book I can look at to give me my own ideas and teach me how to do it myself.