Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Less Adulting, More Kidding

I found a link to this article in one of my groups on LinkedIn, and felt it was something Important (yes, with a capital 'I') to share with you:

"Adulting": Because Being a Grownup Should Only Be a Temporary Affliction

I LOVE this article!  It really speaks to the way I've felt ever since I realized how horribly OLD I had become while taking care of my mom for the last couple of years.  I never had time for fun anymore, and I was too tired to care when I did have a few minutes to spare.  Hell, I didn't remember what fun WAS after a while, and my son was all grown up so I didn't have him as an example anymore (one of those Millennials she was talking about).  So now I'm looking forward to less "adulting" and more "kidding" (oh, the places I could go with THAT, hehehe)!!

Now, to go home early from work and pull out my Monster High dolls...  :-)

Wanna come over and play?? 


  1. Yes! You can grow older but you never have to grow old inside! Big hugs, glad you are re-finding your inner kid!

  2. Thanks! I've seen a great t-shirt that says "Growing Old is Mandatory; Growing Up is Optional", and that is exactly what I'm talking about! Bring your dolls on over anytime. :-)