Monday, February 1, 2016

Medusa: Eyes of Stone

Here is a poem I wrote back in 2010, when I was studying and working with Medusa as a matron goddess.  I've always seen Her as a guardian and avenger of abused and threatened women.  It goes well as a precursor to my short story, although it won't be published with it.  So you get an exclusive here...  Hope you like it!

Eyes of Stone

You look at me with
Your eyes of stone
But I stare back at you
And still breathe

Don't try to petrify me
With your gaze, honey
It won't work on me
We have the same wounds
The same anger

The same eyes

It probably wasn't your fault
He came after you
Any more than it was mine
But who believes us?
Obviously we asked for it
Or it wouldn't have happened

After all
It's not like they have any self-control
You can't expect them to take
No for an answer

Yeah, I don't believe that
Any more than you do

Got any extra snakes?


  1. I love that poem. I think you are very talented. I find Medusa one of the most interesting godlike creatures. I already was fascinated with her as a little girl.

    1. Thank you! I've always found Medusa fascinating as well, ever since hearing about her in school when we were studying the Greek myths. Too bad Perseus didn't get "stoned" by her, most of those Greek "heroes" were jerks!

  2. Great poem! I love Medusa, I have started writing a few stories about her in the past but never finished! Also Baba Yaga.

    1. Thanks! I hope you'll take another look at your stories and maybe finish one or more, I'd love to read them! And I used to be fascinated by Baba Yaga as well, especially her chicken-legged house! Hmmmm, maybe a story written from the house's perspective???? ;-)