Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Shameless 'Women in Horror' Indiegogo Plug

This is, as I titled this post, a shameless plug for the Women In Horror Indiegogo page.  The publishers are trying to raise $5,000 in hopes of being able to publish the anthology in both electronic and hard copy formats.  So far, they've gotten about $580 CAD, which is great, and there are still 31 days left to donate.  If you like horror and/or want to support female horror writers, then I can't think of a better way to do it!  In exchange, they are offering some pretty nice goodies, including (for a $75 donation) a personalized, signed copy of a final draft of the story or article of your choosing AND a branded USB loaded with a copy of the entire anthology.  (They are in the process of setting up a listing of the authors' names on the site.)  How cool is THAT???

This will be the last 'advertisement' you will get from me on this, and I hope you don't think I'm pushing too hard.  But as most of you know, it's my very first time being published under my real name, and it's their first publication, so I'm doing what I can to help.  

Thank you to anyone who chooses to donate!  And thank you also to anyone who wants to but can't! 


  1. I hope it gets funded, although I am not sure it's a good time of year to do an indiegogo! I just emptied my account Xmas shopping! Good luck, I will share it!

  2. Given that I am one of the women in the anthology, I super appreciate your plug! Also, fabulous blog by the way! :)

  3. And I just noticed you are also one of the contributors! How cool! Can't wait to read your fiction work. :)

    1. And I'm totally looking forward to reading your work as well! :-)

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