Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Black Summer Shoes? Yes!!

Okay, it's summer (ick!), and The Evil Sun is going to be all over us.  But that doesn't mean we can't have cute gothy shoes and sandals as we cower under our sunscreen and parasols!  ;-)

Here is some great summer footwear from Payless Shoe Source, where I get a LOT of my shoes:

Brash Royalty Studded Flat Sling - $26.99

Womens BrashWomen's Royalty Studded Flat Sling

Brash Lady Vamp Sandal - $29.99

Womens BrashWomen's Lady Vamp Sandal

Lucca Ornament Sandal - On Sale $19.99 (Regularly $26.99)
(Comfort Plus by Predictions, also comes in wide widths)
Womens Comfort Plus by PredictionsWomen's Lucca Ornament Sandal

Montego Bay Club Pepper Embellished Flip Flop
On Sale $19.99 (Regularly $24.99)

Womens Montego Bay ClubWomen's Pepper Embellished Flip Flop

There's lots more, of course, but these are my personal picks.  In fact, I picked up the studded sandals at the mall on Sunday!  Only two pairs left, and ONE of them was my size!  How cool is that??  ;-)

Where do you find YOUR favorite shoes?? 


  1. Cute!!!! I buy shoes all over the place, wherever I can get a good deal ;)

    1. I do, too, but this place seems to be my best bet around here. I'm eyeing a couple of pairs on GoodGoth.com as well, but I really hesitate to buy shoes without being able to try them on!

  2. I get bunches of my shoes from DSW because they just keep throwing those coupons at me, and I have one nearby to try the shoes on. The clearance section is usually pretty awesome, because not many people in my fancy-schmancy neck-of-the-woods want the edgier stuff. MOAR SHOES FOAR ME!! MWARHH HARGH!

    1. DSW, that's the store name I couldn't remember, thank you!! We've got one around here, apparently, but I couldn't remember the name to look for it.

      And yes, MOAR SHOEZ!!!! I don't know why we love them so much, but we do. :-)

  3. I love that top pair - nice and flat, just how I like 'em! I was just thinking of heading to Target this weekend to look for summer shoes. It FINALLY opened up here in Calgary yesterday (first one ever), and I've always heard what fantastic deals they have so I'm kind of excited!

    1. And they are comfy, too! :-)

      Wow, I'm surprised it took this long for Target to arrive in Calgary. We have one nearby, but I rarely shop there anymore as I'm not fond of the 'big box' stores. They do have some good deals and nice stuff, though, so happy shopping!!