Saturday, April 25, 2015

"You like me! You really like me!"

 Thank you, Sylvie at Little Corp Goth Girl, for nominating me for the Liebster Award!  :-)

The Liebster award is given to fellow bloggers who have less than 200 followers.

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog.
3. Write 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have fewer than 200 followers.
5. Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions.

11 Random Facts about Me:

1.  I'm ambidextrous.

2.  My first pet was a turtle named TB, and my mom actually had to have it put in our lease as there was a "no pets" rule in our apartment building.

3.  I can remember the words and music to a HUGE number of old advertising jingles, some as far back as the 1960s.  (They take up waaaaayyyy too much space in my brain!)

4.  I've studied German, French and Modern Persian, but can't speak or read any of them well.

5.  I collect special edition Barbie dolls.

6.  My all-time favorite TV series was "Babylon Five".  When it ended, I felt like all my friends had died.

7.  My all-time favorite authors are Agatha Christie and Terry Pratchett, maytheyrestinpeace.

8. When I was growing up, I was allergic to Christmas trees, but the allergy mysteriously went away as an adult.

9.  I used to bite my nails.

10. I have a small pile of human teeth (from a dentist's office) on my Ancient Mothers/Ancestors altar.  I've had them for years, but they still weird me out if I have to pick them up for some reason.  They're "dead" but the people they originally belonged to are probably still alive!  Is that weird, or what???

11.  I want them to play "Dust in the Wind" at my funeral as people are standing at my grave site.

My Nominees (sorry, there are supposed to be 11 but I don't read a lot of blogs right now):

1.  Goth Gardening

2.  The Gothic Embrace

3.  Little Corp Goth Girl

4.  Eternal Wynter 

5.  Insomniac's Attic

6.  The Gods Are Bored (I'm not sure how many followers she actually has, as it's not listed on her blog, but she claims to have only three...)

 LCGG's Questions:

1.  When and why did you start blogging?

I started THIS blog in March 2013, but I had a LiveJournal blog for a few years before that.  I started that one because I wanted a "diary" and I always have trouble keeping up written ones.  I started this one because I thought it might be fun, and I was also hoping to meet other goths and maybe get more involved in the scene. Not only have all these things happened, but I've also met non-goths who are totally awesome as well! 

2.  With MP3s and internet streaming, do you still buy CDs or DVDs?

I buy both DVDs and CDs.  I'm a technosaurus, I don't even know HOW to get or use those other things!

3.  How would you describe your style of dress?

That changes daily, depending on my mood, but it's all variations on different goth or goth-related styles, from Monster High logos to studs and spikes to Stevie Nicks' long flowing gowns.  Except on the days when it's not...  ;-)

4.  What religion or philosophy do you ascribe to?

I think of myself as a goth pagan/shamanic practitioner, but it's more a spiritual path I'm creating for myself, not a religion/philosophy per se.

5.  What are your favorite TV shows on the air right now?

I rarely watch TV these days, but when I do, it's usually either cartoons, "NCIS" or reruns of "The Simpsons".  I used to be a "Grimm" fan as well, but lost track a season or two ago.

6.  What other hobbies do you participate in, besides blogging?

Gardening, bellydance, reading, music, and participating in goth meetup events.

7.  If you participate in the arts, which ones do you participate in?  Are you a hobbyist or a professional?

I was a professional bellydancer for about 20 years, and also taught it out of my home.  Currently I write poetry and short stories; since I have been published in two different books (although not yet for pay, other than a free copy) and plan to continue publishing as often as possible, I guess I can call myself a professional.

8.  If a movie was being made about your life, which actor/actress would play you?

Just think of the most boring actress in the world, that would be her.  Seriously, I have NO idea.

9.  Choose one: Coffee or tea?

I've never drunk coffee (except for ice cream, not even just a taste), so definitely tea.

10.  What colors have you dyed your hair?

Just red so far, but I'm daring myself into trying purple, pink, and platinum white in the very near future.

11.  Introvert, extrovert, or ambivert?

YES.  All of the above.  They're just labels, but I'm not a jar.  ;-)

My 11 Questions for My Nominees:

1.  When and why did you start blogging?

2.  Do you have pets?  If so, how many and what are they?  (This does not include spouses or significant others.)

3.  If you were stranded for a year on a desert island, what band would you want to be stranded with you?

4.  What is the most important thing in your purse (or pockets, if you don't carry one)?

5.  What city do you consider to be "home", and why?

6.  Who is your favorite author?

7.  What item of clothing do you own the most of, and how many do you have?

8.  If you were a vehicle, what would you be?

9.  Can you name the person who originally said the (misquoted) title of this post, and the reason s/he said it?  (Yes, this is a silly trivia question!)

10.  What is your ideal social event?  (It does not have to be one already in existence, you can invent it.)

11.  If you could say/do whatever you wanted to people who make fun of or criticize you for being different from them, no holds barred, what would it be?

Have fun with it!!


  1. I haven't even finished reading your post but I had to pause to comment... Dust in the Wind :D Love it!

    1. Awesome song, isn't it? :-)

    2. You got it stuck in my head all night too :D

  2. Of course we love you - how could you doubt us, Lucretia? :)

    I cannot believe you've never drank coffee?!! Yeah, that's all I got out of that entire list. Oh and like Goth Gardener says, Dust in the Wind will be stuck in my head now until somebody else mentions a different song. Thanks to Little Gothic Horrors, last week it was the Kookaburra Song. :P

    OMG and you nominated me! As I told Franny (who also nominated both of us and has eleven different questions - totaling 22 things I have to answer!), I will get this done the first week of May. After the Pretty Market is done and I can breathe again. :)

    1. Hehehe! I love it when random things stick in peoples' heads like that... except when it's MY head it's sticking in!! Guess which song is going through my head now???

      Thanks for the heads-up on Franny's nomination, I'll have to find out what questions she put up and answer those (on another post). And OF COURSE I nominated you! I love your blog, and always look forward to seeing new posts from you. :-) Have fun at the Pretty Market, whatever that is!

  3. I'm visiting from Goth Gardener's blog, coming over to check things out. It's very nice to 'meet' you. (off to push the Follow button now ... I think I'm gonna like it here.)

    1. Thanks, it's very nice to 'meet' you as well, and I'm so glad you like my blog enough to follow it! I shall now check to see if you've got one, as I'm sure I would enjoy following you. :-)

  4. Can ambidextrous people write with both hands or not? I used to draw with both hands as a kid, but my writing with my left is like a 4 year old's.

    I keep asking my mum for my baby teeth but she lost them. :(

    I didn't even get a free copy of my uni anthology that I had two stories in, and I had to buy lots of copies for family, ha ha! But I intend to get paid something for my future novels!

    1. Some abidextrous people can write with either hand, others cannot. I was only able to do that in fourth grade, when I was in the hospital (had my appendix out) and had an IV needle stuck in the back of my right hand, with a board taped underneath it so I wouldn't pull it out. My mom "thoughtfully" brought me homework to do IN HOSPITAL (Never forgave her for that!), so I had to write with my left hand while the IV was in. But I haven't been able to do it since.

      Good luck with your future novels, and may we BOTH get paid something, preferably in money! ;-)

  5. Lucretia, while I thank you for the nomination, I'm going to decline taking part in this, as I usually do. Participating in this type of thing is just not my cup of tea. I hope this doesn't inconvenience you in any way though. Best wishes to you!

    1. Not in the least! And I honestly didn't expect you to participate, as I know how you feel about these things. Mainly I just wanted to promote your blog, which I greatly enjoy! :-)

    2. Well, thank you for understanding, Lucretia--and for the promotion!