Saturday, July 27, 2013

"Block Party to DIE For! San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery Fundraiser

Today was the fundraiser for the San Lorenzo Pioneer Cemetery, put on by the cemetery's Friends.  It was my first opportunity to volunteer with this group, and I grabbed it.  

I decided to go all out, and dressed in a black lace skirt, black patterned leggings, my Anarchy boots, and a fairly new black top with Danse Macabre skeletal figures all around the front of the yoke and their 'victims' on the back.  I topped it off with my 'Death in the mirror' necklace that I use as an icon for this blog.  It turned out to be the perfect outfit, because my assignment was to sit at a table right outside the cemetery gates and sign people up for the cemetery tours!  

The fundraiser itself was very small, but pretty well attended.  There were some carnival games, face painting, a tarot reader, food and candy vendors, the cemetery tours, a raffle of some really good prizes, and some really excellent blues musicians that kept us swaying and almost dancing in our seats.  Normally blues is not my thing, but these guys were GOOD.  And even though we were almost next to them and had to shout at people signing up for the tours, the volume was reasonable.  I didn't get a headache until after I was home, and it wasn't from the music.

The cemetery is very small, but quite nice.  It had a nice, peaceful feeling to it as well.  I'm hoping that, after the graves are strengthened so they won't cave in when digging is done around them, some landscaping can be added.  I think it will be really lovely if we can do that.


  1. I would like to see a picture of your outfit - it sounds wonderful! :D

    1. Sadly, although a couple of pictures were taken of me and a goth friend, the photographer took a landscape shot, so you can only see us from the waist up! A real shame, as her Victorian goth outfit was awesome... However, I will see about having Martin take a picture of my outfit this week. :-)

  2. Good work! You're now on your way toward getting the cemetery restored.